Premier Tech

Client: Premier Tech
Hardware: HTC Vive
Usage: Visualisation / Product Marketing
Services: Installation service & support service


Premier Tech produces packaging machines that are sometimes as big as a house. As a result, they cannot simply be transported and shown on location. In order to be able to show the machines at fairs such as the IPM fair, they wanted a VR simulation of the machine. With an HTC Vive, visitors to the trade show can walk around the machine and get to know it this way. With the travel case they can easily take the HTC Vive and PC to the different locations. The support service for Premier Tech is also set up for this by being available for the different time zones.


  • Installatie Service
  • Installation Steam VR & custom application
  • Testing of VR experience
  • Installatie of hardware on location
  • Training use HTC Vive set

Support service

  • Help desk for different time zones
  • Userguides & FAQ


  • 2 HTC Vive
  • 2 HTC Vive Ready PC
  • 2 HTC Vive Cover
  • 2 Travel cases for HTC Vive & PC
  • 2 HTC Vive Ready Desktops
  • 4 HTC Vive Tripods
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