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Pro-ductions & Municipality of Rotterdam – Meta for Work

Pro-ductions, a company that creates 360° videos for the Municipality of Rotterdam, approached VR Expert for advice on selecting the best hardware and software combination for their VR training app. The trainings are used in the Port of Rotterdam, the largest seaport in Europe and a significant entry point for illicit goods (e.g. drugs) due to the busy logistical activities around the port. The main objective is to educate and train students, visitors and port staff on preventing drug smuggling and handling such situations effectively.

The client

Pro-ductions. Pro-ductions develops awareness videos and 360 e-Learning modules for the CCV.

The challenge

Equipping students, visitors, and port staff at Europe's largest seaport with advanced VR training on drug smuggling prevention.


Used the Meta Quest 3 to create an immersive training environment where user start their training from inside a hangar at a harbor.

What they said

"We wanted to upgrade our current headset, the Meta Quest 2, to the best current headset. So we chose the Meta Quest 3 together with the Meta Quest for Business license. That way, we can display our app and use the same headset for multiple accounts through the shared mode"


Co-owner, Pro-ductions

Meta Trial Program

Try out Meta for Work

Try out Meta for Work
Meta for Work is Meta's comprehensive VR hardware and software solution, including the Quest headsets and the Quest for Business MDM system for headset management. Thanks to VR Expert’s trial program, Pro-ductions was able to test Meta for Work before their final decision.

Hardware used

Meta Quest 3

Meta Quest 3
Meta Quest 3's high-resolution visuals were crucial for Pro-ductions' high-quality training content. The 6DOF capability and integrated hand- and eye-tracking allows users to navigate the training environment without controllers, making sessions more realistic and engaging.

Software used

Meta Quest for Business

The Meta Quest for Business with Shared Mode, allows easy setup and use across multiple users without individual logins.


Pro-ductions previously used the Meta Quest 2 for their training programs but faced several limitations. They needed a high-quality VR solution compatible with the Meta environment, at least 5K resolution to display their 8K video content, the possibility to navigate without controllers, and 6DOF capability to make interactions possible within the training environment.


VR Expert provided consultation on hardware and software options. Among the recommended alternatives was the Meta for Work hardware and software combination, with Meta Quest 3 headsets, Meta Quest for Business MDM software and the Shared Mode add-on license. Thanks to VR Expert’s trial program, Pro-ductions was able to test the recommended hardware and software before committing to a final decision.

In their choice for Meta for Work, Meta Quest 3’s high-resolution visuals, the 6DOF capability and integrated tracking were crucial for Pro-ductions’ high-quality training content; allowing users to navigate the training environment without controllers and consequently making sessions more realistic and engaging.
The switch from their existing Meta Quest 2 fleet to Meta Quest 3 was, also in practice, smooth due to compatibility.

The selected MDM software, Meta Quest for Business with Shared Mode, Meta Quest for Business with Shared Mode allowed easy setup and use of headsets, allowing multiple people to use the same devices without needing a login-step for each session, a factor that had weighed in on the choice for Meta for Work.
Additionally, remote headset management features enabled distribution of the training content and updates across multiple devices, ensuring consistent experiences for all users.


Pro-ductions effectively utilized the comprehensive Meta for Work solution, combining the Quest 3 headset with Meta Quest for Business and Shared Mode, to roll out engaging and high-quality training environments, successfully addressing their challenge of drug prevention education at harbors. With VR Expert’s guidance from hardware and software selection to deployment, Pro-ductions achieved a smooth transition and continued to provide impactful educational content.

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