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PsyCurio – Pico 4 Enterprise

Client: PsyCurio
Device: Pico 4 Enterprise



The Client: 

PsyCurio is a startup specializing in virtual reality (VR) applications for psychotherapy since 2018. With their product, psychotherapists put their patients in critical or emotional situations where therapeutic exercises are performed. Emotional learning within virtual reality is scientifically proven to lead to positive neurological changes in patients’ brains. The software is certified as a medical product.

The Callenge: 

The challenge was to create realistic situations in which patients could directly experience and overcome their fears and challenges. To do this, various scenarios were designed. For public speaking anxiety, patients are placed in lecture halls where they are asked to give a speech to practice such situations. For patients with a fear of heights, free movement along the facade of a skyscraper is practiced to manage their fears.

For these scenarios, PsyCurio requires 6 DoF VR headsets, for complete freedom of movement in the virtual environment, where patients can move freely in immersion. It was also important to offer customers one of the latest devices that sits comfortably on the head for extended exercises.

The Solution:

PsyCurio turned to VR Expert and chose the Pico 4 Enterprise based on their requirements. The Pico 4 Enterprise is comfortable to wear due to the material of the face pad and the balanced weight of the headset. The face cushion is easy to clean, which is important because the headset is used by a variety of patients in the practices. The high quality of the fit-through and the intuitive design of the displays make it easy to use even for patients who have no experience with VR. Furthermore, the Pico 4 Enterprise is a lightweight headset, which is important for longer practices of up to 40 minutes. Additionally, the tracking capabilities of the headset allow for future exploration of integrated eye-tracking to analyze patients’ emotional state through their eye movements.

PsyCurio uses its own software, which includes a set of different trainings, among them are trainings against affective disorders, depression, social anxiety, fear of heights and trauma therapy scenarios. This software is pre-installed on the VR headsets by VR Expert and then sent to the customer so that the headset arrives at the customer’s site ready to use.

With VR Expert as our partner, we have found a reliable hardware supplier that takes care of all steps from ordering the hedasets to installing the software and delivering them to the practices. This allows us to fully focus on the development of our software and the further development of our VR-based psychotherapy“, so Rico Gujjula, responsible for Operations at PsyCurio.

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