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People wearing Pico 4 Enterprise Headsets

RTC – Pico 4 Enterprise

Client: RTC Regional Technical Center Flanders, Belgium
Device: Pico 4 Enterprise



The Client: 

RTC (Regional Technical Center) in Flanders, Belgium is a non-profit organization working in collaboration with the government of Flanders, Belgium. RTC has been actively engaged in the field of education for over 20 years, acting as a partner between industry and technical and vocational education. Their goal is to professionalize teachers and prepare students for their future careers or further education by providing training and materials across 15 different fields of study, including healthcare, car mechanics, construction, electricity, and logistics for teachers and students.

The Challenge: 

In 2021 RTC in Flanders started working on a project called “XR Action Plan”. The aim of the project is to give over 150,000 students in technical and vocational education the chance to experience XR (extended reality) as part of their education. To realize this project they needed a partner to take care of the hardware part of the project. Additionally they needed a customized case to assemble the hardware into kits, to ensure an easy distribution of the hardware to the schools.

The Solution:

In a public tender procedure, the Pico 4 Enterprise was selected as the preferred VR headset that meets all requirements for this project. The Pico 4 Enterprise provides a high-resolution 4K+ display and a powerful processor. Furthermore it satisfies multiple privacy requirements necessary for use in educational environments, a feature not commonly found in other headsets. Additionally, its open operating system is user-friendly, making it an ideal tool for educational use.


To fulfill the hardware part of the “XR Action Plan” VR Expert was chosen by the public tender to provide RTC with 1,000 Pico 4 Enterprise headsets with controllers, tablets, and routers. Since the headsets need to be distributed to schools all over Flanders, all hardware needed to be assembled into kits. For this purpose, VR Expert designed a customized case for this project. This case offers space for four Pico 4 Enterprise with controllers, a tablet and a router.  The result is 250 hardware kits that can be equipped with the right software by RTC.


Building upon this technological foundation, RTC is curating an extensive library of educational XR software, which is uploaded on the headsets and is available for the schools to utilize. All the software undergoes testing by RTC, ensuring that only content that offers educational value is included in the collection. The library includes training and materials across 15 different fields of study, including healthcare, car mechanics, construction, electricity, and logistics.

The XR Kits will be thoughtfully distributed to cover all five provinces in Flanders. The RTC in each province will be responsible for managing the loaning process of these kits to schools within their respective areas. By implementing this strategic approach, all 690 schools that provide technical and/or vocational courses in Flanders will have the chance to loan and experience an XR Kit firsthand.

One of the goals of this project is to inspire teachers and provide them with a firsthand experience of the possibilities that arise from utilizing XR technology. By doing so, it not only aims to encourage educators locally but also serves as an example for other countries to explore the potential of XR technology in their educational system“, said Louise Paepe, RTC Antwerpen.

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