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VR Expert ScanModul Vuzix M400

ScanModul – Vuzix M400

Client: ScanModul
Application: Implementation of Assisted Reality
Hardware: Vuzix M400
Software: Microsoft Teams
Services: Advice, installation, shipment

VR Expert Vuzix m400

The client

ScanModul is the industry leader in ISO standardized modular systems and has been helping companies in the healthcare industry to develop and implement logistics solutions for more than 50 years. In doing so, the company no longer only looks at secondary processes in materials management, but through SCANflow combines technological developments and advancing digitization with the increasingly complex overall logistical challenges resulting from the movement of people, inventory goods and materials. 

With more than 80 qualified employees, ScanModul can access a wide range of know-how worldwide, which enables them to constantly optimize their solutions.

Furthermore, the company has established a clinic for training purposes, where all departments related to logistics are present. In each department, products are demonstrated that help hospitals improve their efficiency in storing and transporting goods.

The question

ScanModul is a global company that, like many others, has had to face the challenges of the Corona pandemic. New products were integrated into an overall solution, however it was not possible to invite customers and business partners from around the world to ScanModul’s headquarters for showcasing.

ScanModul was therefore looking for a way to present the company’s solutions to partners and potential clients without them having to be physically on site.

VR Expert - ScanModul System
VR Expert - ScanModul Vuzix M400

The solution

To find a solution to the problem, ScanModul consulted VR Expert. After extensive communication, a solution was chosen consisting of the Vuzix M400 AR headset and Microsoft Teams remote support software. Thanks to the M400’s very sharp 4K camera, the headset is ideally suited to the needs of ScanModul.

Through the use of smart glasses, ScanModul is now able to offer online training for the entire workflow of the different departments in the clinic. There are also many product details that can now be presented and discussed online via remote sessions.

The remote support solution has enabled ScanModul to withstand the impact of the Corona pandemic, simplifying many business processes and improving them in efficiency.

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