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VR Expert - Sciex Instrument

SCIEX – Vuzix M400 Starter Kit

Client: SCIEX
Application: Implementation of Assisted Reality
Hardware: Vuzix M400 Starter Kit
Software: Microsoft Teams
Services: Advice, installation, shipment

VR Expert Vuzix m400

The client

For over 50 years, the US-based company SCIEX has led the field of mass spectrometry (Mass spectrometry is an analytical technique used to measure the mass-to-charge ratio of ions).  SCIEX’s mission is to provide solutions for the precise detection and quantification of molecules, enabling its customers to protect and enhance the well-being and safety of all humans.

SCIEX is an important pioneer in the development of robust solutions for mass spectrometry and capillary electrophoresis worldwide. Due to its vast experience, SCIEX enjoys a great reputation in the industry and thousands of life science experts from all over the world choose SCIEX to get answers they can trust to better inform critical decisions.

The question

When the Corona pandemic broke out, SCIEX was no longer able to receive clients at its own sites to demonstrate their instruments. 

SCIEX therefore set out to find a solution that would allow the client to remotely see the instruments without having to be on site.

The solution

SCIEX contacted VR Expert for advice on the use of remote support solutions. After extensive consultations, the decision was made to use the Vuzix M400 Starter Kit, together with the Microsoft Teams remote support software. 

VR Expert Sciex Framingham Office

The Vuzix M400 features an excellent 4K camera, which made it an ideal solution for SCIEX’s use case.

By implementing the remote support solution, SCIEX is now capable of demonstrating its instruments regardless of the Corona pandemic or future events. On a regular basis, SCIEX now also holds remote sessions with network and server teams all over the world to install new equipment. 

By using the Vuzix M400, SCIEX has been able to simplify a number of work processes making their operations more efficient. 

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