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Stichting Stip – Pico G2 4K

Customer: Stichting Stip
Application: Use VR to make job decisions
Hardware: Pico G2 4K
Software: VR Works
Services: Pre-installation, shipment, support

VR Expert Pico G2 4K overview

The customer

Stichting Stip was launched in December 2020 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. Since then, the foundation tries to support as many people as possible to participate in society with the help of modern technology. 

Stichting Stip does this by making social innovation available on a non-profit basis. This means that all income is reinvested in the development of innovations, which in return helps people and society. 

The challenge

People often have prejudices towards many jobs, which causes them to limit their search and decreases the success rate in finding a job. Stichting Stip is always looking for new innovations to help people find employment. In the course of searching for new innovations, Stichting Stip discovered the technology of virtual reality.

The solution

Stichting Stip created the platform VR Works. VR Works is a specially developed interface through which Stichting Stip’s partners can access a database of over 65 VR films. These VR films show disadvantaged professions and can be used as a tool to deepen labor market orientation. 

Through the use of VR, people can immerse themselves in the job at hand and gain an objective and more realistic view of certain occupations or specific work environments. This makes the orientation process more effective and efficient.

Another feature of VR Works is the virtual job interview. Here, users can answer the virtual job coach’s questions to gain confidence and experience in answering. As a result, people perform better in the real job interview and have a better chance of getting the job.

VR Expert - VR Works
VR Expert - Stichting Stip Kits

In order to be able to send Stichting Stip’s partners a complete package of software and hardware right away, Stichting Stip developed a VR Works Kit together with VR Expert. Included in the VR Works kit are three Pico G2 4K VR headsets.

This model was selected by Stichting Stip after in-depth consultation by VR Expert. Especially because of its low price and sharp 4K resolution, the device was a perfect fit for Stichting Stip’s use case.

When partners of Stichting Stip receive one of the VR Works cases, the hardware has been pre-configured and the software has already been pre-installed on the headsets by VR Expert. This allows users to get started immediately, making it very easy and accessible to use.

By introducing the VR kits, Stichting Stip has managed to give more attention to less respected professions and help people make job decisions.

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