The Blue Curaçao Experience

Client: The Blue Curaçao 
Hardware: HTC Vive
Usage: Product Marketing
Services: Full-service

VR Expert - blue curacao


Senior & Co, the company behind the well-known Blue Curaçao liqueur, has built The Blue Curaçao Experience. In this room, visitors are challenged to learn more about the company and the liqueur in a playful way. As part of this, Senior & Co has had a VR game developed for the HTC Vive. For the experience center it was important that the HTC Vive was well integrated. To ensure this, we traveled to Curaçao to install HTC Vive and provide training on daily use. In addition, we provide support service so that the Blue Curaçao Experience will never be without their VR game for long.


  • Installation Service
  • Installation SteamVR & custom application
  • Testing of VR experience
  • Installation of hardware on location
  • Training for use of HTC Vive set
  • Support service
  • Helpdesk
  • Userguides & FAQ


  • 1 HTC Vive
  • 1 HTC Vive Cover
  • 1 High-end Laptop
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