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The Blue Mind e.V. – Pico G2 4K

Client: The Blue Mind e.V.
Application: VR education
Hardware: Pico G2 4K
Services: Advice, installation, shipment

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The customer

The Blue Mind began its oceanic education in 2018 in Saarbrücken, Germany. However, like many ideas, The Blue Mind lived inside co-founder, professional diver, ocean conservationist and marine biologist Dr. Frauke Bagusche’s mind. But it was after chairwoman and marine biologist Angela Jensen and her husband encouraged Dr. Bagusche to take action that The Blue Mind sprung into existence.

The Blue Mind aims to achieve the three UN Sustainable Development Goals of quality education, climate action, and life below water. They do this by giving lectures and organizing seminars about our changing marine life to primary and secondary schools across Germany.

The challenge

However, in Germany, it is challenging to convey a complete understanding of the effects modern living has on our oceans. The reason is countries with limited coastlines, like Germany, engage with the sea less than other states surrounded by the sea.

To solve this challenge, The Blue Mind discovered how virtual reality simulation could immerse the student into the deep sea without getting wet, engaging them on an impactful level.

VR Expert - Blue Mind Use Case 2

The solution

Before consulting with VR Expert, The Blue Mind decided on the Oculus Go for their needs, at the time, not knowing that Meta’s VR headsets would become unavailable in Germany. VR Expert presented the VR headset Pico G2 4K as the best alternative, and The Blue Mind agreed. The choice came down to the G2 4K’s sturdy and hygienic build quality, a crisp display to immerse pupils into our marine environment, and an open Android system with no gated walls for file types.

Learners are turned into divers without wetsuits as they explore the underwater wonders of coral reefs and seaweed forests, discovering the profound effects of plastic waste, overfishing, and climate change on our oceans.

After engaging students in a multi-sensory visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning experience, our oceans and their changes are discussed vividly with inventive solutions proposed. In fact, impact and memory recollection from interactive VR simulations are far superior to traditional sit-and-listen sessions.

“With virtual reality and the guiding hand of VR Expert, The Blue Mind conveys a lasting impact on young students’ minds on the changes and challenges our oceans face. In short, bringing marine knowledge/insight inland and into people’s homes.”

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