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VR Expert - TOI Opleidingen Use Case

TOI Opleidingen – RealWear HMT-1

Client: TOI Opleidingen
Application: Employee training & maintenance assistance
Hardware: RealWear HMT-1
Software: Remote eye
Services: Consulting, installation, delivery

VR Expert Realwear HMT-1 with workband

The customer

TOI Opleidingen was founded in 2018 in Dronten, the Netherlands. Founder Anton Cornelissen started the company because he saw a big difference between theory and practice in the technical field. With TOI Opleidingen, Cornelissen wanted to bring theoretical knowledge as close as possible to practical experience.

TOI Opleidingen has since successfully managed to bring theoretical education directly to the workplace. In doing so, the company trains employees in the technical handling of increasingly rapid successive trends and developments. 

The challenge

A large part of TOI Opleidingen’s educational concept is training that takes place directly at the workplace. This is because theoretical knowledge can be put into practice immediately. TOI Opleidingen set itself the task of revolutionizing this form of coaching and wanted to provide a solution in which the coach could assist the participant via remote call. Along the way, the company came across assisted reality technology.

The solution

TOI Opleidingen sought advice from VR Expert regarding the use of assisted reality technology. In the end, the company decided to deploy the RealWear HMT-1 AR headset, together with the Remote eye remote support software. 

RealWear’s products are very robust and have excellent noise cancellation. This means that technical staff can still be easily understood by the coach, even in the presence of loud background noise.

VR Expert - TOI Opleidingen training Use Case

The Remote Eye remote support solution offers useful features such as, multi-calls, live drawings, object markers and call recordings, allowing participants to receive optimal training and support.

By using the assisted reality solution, participants can now be accompanied and trained by a coach during their work. Through this unique method, TOI Opleidingen has succeeded in ensuring that participants no longer have to switch between theory and practice, but can combine both. This is because participants are in their own workplace and are individually accompanied by a permanent career coach.

By using TOI Opleidingen’s innovative teaching methods, employees can not only be trained in a practical way, but companies also benefit from the fact that there is less lost revenue due to apprenticeship time.

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