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Vitalis – RealWear Navigator 500

Vitalis is an organization dedicated to elderly care in the Netherlands and operates across 20 locations in Eindhoven. They provide extensive care services to both residents of nursing homes and individuals who prefer to live at home. Offering a wide spectrum of care options, Vitalis ensures that their services range from basic assistance to specialized treatments like physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

The Challenge

Let students perform tasks independently but with supervision.


Remote supervision of students.

What they said

“VR Expert helped us find the right smartglass for our specific use case with the RealWear Navigator 500. By implementing it into our process, the learning experience for students increased significantly, which led to students becoming more independent”

Sanne Schepens

Project leader of innovation Projects at Vitalis

Hardware used

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The RealWear Navigator 500 is the next generation rugged monocular smart glass that empowers modern frontline workers with remote expertise. The AR headset can be operated hands-free thanks to its excellent voice control. The Navigator 500 is ideally suited for use in inspections, maintenance or repairs. Companies benefit from more...

The Challenge

The current approach of guiding and training a student is that the student is accompanied by a supervisor and they perform tasks together. In order to make this process more time efficient and to increase the learning success of the students, Vitalis wanted to implement a smart glass into this process. So the student would be able to perform tasks independently, but still be supervised by the supervisor through the smart glass. In addition, the supervisor does not have to be physically present, but can provide assistance from the office.

The main focus while choosing a smartglass was the option to use Microsoft Teams,  because this software is already implemented throughout Vitalis. This would lead to an easy and fast implementation of the smartglass into their process. Additionally it was important for the smartglass to be comfortable while wearing and easy to use without needing hands.

The Solution

VR Expert provided Vitals with information about which smartglasses were already used in other organizations dedicated to elderly care and on which smartglass it is possible to use the software Microsoft Teams. Together with the help of VR Expert, Vitaltis decided to work with the RealWear Navigator 500.

Vitalis decided on the RealWear Navigator 500 because the headset is very comfortable while wearing it. They were particularly impressed by the hands-free functionality enabled through voice commands and the convenience of being able to move the display upwards when not in use. Moreover, the RealWear Navigator 500 meets Vitalis’ main criteria as it allows the usage of the Microsoft Teams software.

During the testing phase from March till the end of June, the RealWear Navigator 500 was trialed at one location with positive results. It was successfully used by one student and one supervisor, showcasing its potential benefits. The next phase of implementation is planned for September/October at the same location, where the RealWear will be used with multiple students and supervisors. This will be a significant step forward in introducing the technology to Vitalis. Once implemented, the RealWear Navigator 500 will greatly enhance the learning experience and make the process more time-efficient. Supervisors can provide remote guidance, offering a flexible and efficient approach to student learning.

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