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VRpilot – Pico 4 Enterprise

VRpilot is a company founded in early 2019 in Aarhus, Denmark. They specialize in providing virtual reality (VR) solutions for pilot training programs. Their flagship software, VRflow, is an interactive procedure trainer designed to prepare pilots for full motion flight simulator sessions.

The Client



Installation and Procurement

The challenge

Allow pilots to practice procedures and familiarize themselves with the cockpit before entering a full-motion flight simulator.


Training for pilots

What they said

“Our partnership with VR Expert and the implementation of the Pico 4 Enterprise headsets with our VRFlow have allowed us to take a big step in improving pilot training, delivering exceptional comfort and unparalleled efficiency in our VR-based programs.”

Daniel Maass


Headset used

Pico 4 Enterprise

Pico 4 Enterprise
The Pico 4 Enterprise is a standalone 6DOF VR-Headset with a 4K+ display. The pancake lenses are a first within Pico Headsets and provide a higher viewing quality than the Pico Neo 3 headsets, while allowing for a significantly slimmer and lighter form factor.

Software used


VRflow serves as a dynamic cockpit procedure trainer tailored for pilots, offering an immersive training experience. Engage in training scenarios that intricately replicate aircraft behavior, complete with authentic sounds, precise instrument displays, and realistic cockpit layouts.


Improved knowledge retention

360 Degree

instead of 180 degree field of view provided by traditional flight simulators

4 month VR training

equivalent to 1 year normal training

The Challenge

VRpilot was looking for a VR headset that would offer an optimal and comfortable user experience for potential clients and airline pilots. They were particularly interested in the Pico Neo 3 Pro, but when the Pico 4 Enterprise was released, they needed to evaluate which headset would better suit their needs. Additionally, VRpilot required a reliable supplier for their European customers, capable of providing hardware, branding, MDM-system installation, and overall headset preparation.

The Solution

VRpilot reached out to VR Expert and chose the Pico 4 Enterprise VR Headset due to its two main advantages over the Neo 3 Pro: pancake lenses and a lighter, more compact form factor. These features made the Pico 4 more comfortable for users during training sessions.


VR Expert facilitated the hardware procurement process, allowing VRpilot to easily purchase the Pico 4 headsets. Additionally, VR Expert provided branding stickers, MDM-system installation, and headset preparation for the end customers.

The Pico 4 Enterprise is used in VRpilot’s demonstration kits, enabling potential clients to test out the software and experience its capabilities firsthand. Currently, two airlines have implemented the Pico 4 as part of their pilot training programs, further validating its value in the industry.

With VRflow installed on the Pico 4 headsets, pilots can train in a virtual cockpit either in single-player mode or in a multi-crew environment. This approach allows pilots to practice procedures and familiarize themselves with the cockpit before entering a full-motion flight simulator, maximizing the value of each training session.

In conclusion, VR Expert’s collaboration with VRpilot has enabled the latter to provide a comfortable, efficient, and effective VR training solution using the Pico 4 Enterprise headset. This partnership has not only enhanced the training experience for pilots but has also streamlined the procurement process for VRpilot’s European customers.

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