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VR Expert - VR Science Use case 1

VR Science Lerntechnologie – Pico Neo 3 Pro

Client: VRScience Lerntechnologie
Application: VR educational software
Hardware: Pico Neo 3 Pro
Services: Advice, installation, shipment

VR Expert - Pico Neo 3 Link Product Image

The customer

VRScience Lerntechnologie is a software company based in Berlin. The company provides educational institutions with the VRScience learning technology as a supplement to conventional teaching. The VRScience learning technology is developed in close cooperation with schools and teachers, which means that exactly the content of the standard education curriculum can be provided as VR content.

With the help of VRScience learning technology, students can experience difficult or inaccessible content in 3D as if it were real and up close, using the immersive technology of virtual reality.

The use of VRScience learning technology can make teaching in schools more modern, interactive, individualised and vivid.

The challenge

In order to be able to offer schools the VRScience learning technology as a complete solution, the company was looking for an experienced hardware partner who, together with VRScience, would create a solution consisting of software and hardware to make it easier for schools to enter the world of virtual reality.

VR Expert - VR Science Use case 2

The solution

VRScience and VR Expert become partners and work together from now on. In order to offer schools a complete solution, the two companies together developed a case solution consisting of 16 VR glasses. In this electrified transport case, the VR glasses can be charged during storage so that they are immediately ready for use when needed.

The Pico Neo 3 Pro was chosen as the optimal VR hardware. With outstanding technical data, as well as a very open operating system and high user-friendliness, the VR glasses are ideal for school use. The 6DoF headset also works independently, without any cables at all, allowing 3D simulations to be experienced without interference.

Through the collaboration, the VRScience learning technology can now be delivered to schools as a complete solution consisting of software and hardware. This makes it easier for schools to get started with VR; everything is delivered directly from a single source.

“Thanks to our partnership with VR Expert, we can fully concentrate on the development and optimisation of the VRScience learning technology. The communication with VR Expert is always constructive and highly professional. We are very satisfied!” says Christoph Song, CEO and founder of VRScience Lerntechnologie.

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