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VR Expert - VRdirect Costumer

VRdirect – Pico Neo 3 Pro

Customer: VRdirect
Application: Complement software with suitable hardware
Hardware: Pico Neo 3 Pro
Software: VRdirect
Services: Installation, configuration, shipment and support

Pico Neo 3 Side

The client

VRdirect is a software company focused on virtual reality that was founded in Munich, Germany in 2018.

The VRdirect software enables companies to create and publish high-quality interactive and immersive VR experiences in the cloud. The cloud-based solution can be deployed company-wide and any users can become a creator of their own VR applications without any prior experience.

This works thanks to the software’s intuitive operating system and user-friendly design. Due to the wide range of possible applications, VRdirect is used in a variety of industries, for example in the automotive industry, manufacturing, construction, energy supply or the hotel industry.

The question

In order to run the applications created in VRdirect’s ecosystem, appropriate VR hardware is always required as well. Therefore, VRdirect was looking for a responsive and reliable hardware partner who could provide the company’s customers with the right VR hardware in addition to the software.

The company needed a partner that could deliver the headsets worldwide as well as pre install the software before reaching the client.

Further to support the customers with the necessary knowledge and support, a partner was sought who brings experience in the virtual reality industry. Through a partnership, the company wants to be able to concentrate fully on its software.

The solution

After discussions, providing advice and going through test rollouts, a deal was closed between VR Expert and VRdirect. VR Expert has the necessary capacity to supply customers of any size with VR equipment. In addition to worldwide shipping, VR Expert also offers pre-configuration and pre-installation of VRdirect`s software on the hardware.

The Pico Neo 3 Pro was chosen as the optimal VR device because, just like VRdirect, it is characterized by its user-friendliness and simplicity. VR Expert also takes care of VRdirect’s order processing and also manages warranty cases and returns. 

The partnership ensures joint growth in the VR industry. VR Expert takes over the complete hardware part, so that VRdirect can fully concentrate on delivering the best possible software solution.

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