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VRelax – Pico G2 4K Enterprise

Client: VRelax 
Application: Relaxation, well-being
Hardware: Pico G2 4K Enterprise
Software: VRelax
Advice, installation, shipment

VR Expert Pico G2 4K Enterprise overview

The customer

VRelax is a virtual reality application, which is aimed at people in the mental health sector, hospitals and also enterprise clients. The app is available to users as a relaxation tool, helping to counteract stress, anxiety and depression. Further, it is also used as a distraction tool, such as for physical discomfort or medical procedures like vaccinations. 

The great advantage is the simplicity of the software. Which means that with the help of a VR headset, a relaxing break can be produced at the touch of a button at any time and in any place. VRelax was developed in cooperation with patients and professionals and its effectiveness has been further validated by numerous scientific studies.

The question

The company needed to provide its clients a complete package including software and hardware. This is important to make VRelax easily accessible and to ensure the simplicity of the software, so that the user can start relaxing at any time without any difficulties. 

To develop the kit consisting of software and hardware, VRelax was looking for a hardware partner to support the company in the rollout process. This partner should additionally ensure that the app is preinstalled on the devices and also take care of the logistics including shipping, warranty and returns at scale

VR Expert - VRelax relaxation
VR Expert - VRelax Case

The solution

VRelax decided to cooperate with VR Expert to distribute the VRelax package of software and hardware. For the VR headset, they chose the Pico G2 4K Enterprise after extensive consultation and testing of the software on the device with VR Expert.

This headset has the advantage of having a hygienic cover made of PU leather. The advantage of PU leather is that it is easy to clean and better suited for use by multiple people. The Pico G2 4K Enterprise features a 4K display. This high resolution provides an immersive experience allowing the user to fully engage with the relaxing environments.

VR Expert provides pre-installation of the VR headsets, storage of the kits including accessories and handles the shipping of the hardware to VRelax customers. As a result, their customers can receive kits the next working day.

The hardware is shipped in VRelax branding. By pre-configuring the headsets and installing the VRelax software, customers can get started immediately after receiving the products and no complicated initial setup is required. 

VR Expert - VRelax Station

Making the process simple in this way ensures that customers are satisfied from start to finish in their experience with VRelax. It also allows them to focus on the relaxing effects of the application.

As a result of the cooperation, VRelax can fully concentrate on the optimization and maintenance of the relaxation app.

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