Young And Holy

Client: Young and Holy
Hardware: Oculus Go
Usage: Bible lessons
Services: Installation and Support


Biblical lessons impress with VR. Young & Holy is a Christian religion platform for young people, where trends are explored based on religion. They came up with the concept “Storyroom”, a product where young people literally become part of a Bible story. In Virtual Reality they are confronted with dilemmas, life questions and peer pressure. Young & Holy travels to different schools with their curriculum. Synchronized starting of the Oculus Go sets is essential since you do not want to waste much time starting up the experience. To ensure that we are not dependent on the various WiFi networks of the schools, we have provided a VR Sync Box. This gives them a reliable plug and play solution that they can use at any location.


  • Installation service
  • Configuring Oculus account
  • Installing VR Sync software
  • Pre-loading 360° content
  • Testing of VR experience

Support Service

  • Helpdesk
  • User Guides & FAQ


  • 14 Oculus Go Sets
  • 14 Controller Lanyards
  • 14 Button Blockers
  • 2 Multiloaders
  • 2 Oculus Go Travel cases
  • 1 VR Sync Box
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