Alarm set + Charging Cable incl controller

120,- excl. VAT
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  • Suitable for VR Headsets
  • 1 year warranty

Estimated delivery: 3 working days

Product information

The VR Expert Alarm Set is the all-in-one solution to protect and charge your VR and AR headsets. Attach the base station to a flat surface with the supplied sticker. Then secure the headset attachment to your VR or AR headset with the other supplied sticker. These stickers give enough adhesive power to remain stuck for a long time.

The alarm will sound when the cable is cut, when the cable is disconnected, when the cable is pulled too hard and when theft is committed. The alarm produces a sound above 100 decibels.

Pros and cons

100 decibel alarm

All-in-one alarm en charging system

User friendly

Does not work without a controller

Hard to detach

Product specifications

Built in alarm Dimensions basestation 58 x 50 x 55 mm Basestation to cable 30 – 100 cm
Controller Dimensions attachment 58 x 50 x 55 mm Alarm volume 110 db
Product charging Attachment basestation 3M sticker Color Black
Multiple point alarm activation Attachment on headset 3M sticker Type of cable Electric cable
Product charging Remote controller Including

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