TitanSkinVR Pico G2 4K


TitanSkinVR Pico G2 4K

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  • Suitable for the Pico G2 4K
  • 1 year warranty

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Product information TitanSkinVR Pico G2 4K

The TitanSkinVR Pico G2 4K Case is the perfect solution to protect your Pico G2 4K VR Headset.

Firstly, the TitanSkinVR Pico G2 4K Case has a 2 millimeter thick aluminum case that is designed specifically for the Pico G2 4K and protects against damage to the headset.

Secondly, the case’s design makes the accidental pressing of buttons much harder.

Finally, the case can be attached to a cord or something similar, so that easy stealing is prevented.

The cases safety and usability can be improved when used in combination with the TitanSkinVR 5m USB-C cable and retractable system.

Pros and cons

2mm thick aluminum case

Protection against damage to the headset

No accidental pressing of buttons

Effective theft prevention

Weight of the headset increases by 175 grams

Product specifications

Material: Aluminum Weight: 175 grams
Thickness: 2mm Color: Grey
Works with: TitanskinVR Retractable System & 5m USB-C Cable Warranty: 1 year
Suitable for: Pico G2 4K

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