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Long USB C Cable (2+ meter)


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  • 1 year warranty

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Product information

Complete your VR or AR hardware purchase with the long USB-C cable. The length of 2 meters makes it possible to connect devices and charge them over a longer distance.

Pros and cons

More room to move thanks to the 2-meter long cable

Product specifications

Color Black Cable length 2 m
Connector A USB A 2.0 male Speed 480 Mbps
Connector B USB C 2.0 male Warranty 1 year


Long USB C Cable (2 meters)

What is the speed of this USB C Cable?

The speed of this USB C Cable is 480 mbps.

What color does this product have?

The product only comes in the color black.

What are the benefits of purchasing this accessory?

With the purchase of this USB C Cable, you have more room thanks to the 2-meter long cable.

Does the USB C Cable have a warranty?

Yes, the USB C Cable has a 1 year warranty.