Quest 2 Headstrap KIWI Design with battery

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Product information Quest 2 Headstrap KIWI Design with battery

The Quest 2 Headstrap KIWI Design with battery is a head strap designed for the Quest 2 with an integrated 6400mAh battery.

The Headstrap is designed to enhance the fit of the headset providing a comfortable snug fit thanks to soft thick cushions on the top & back of the strap.

The battery itself is a fantastic addition to the head strap acting as a counterweight to the front of the headset creating a less face-heavy & more comfortable VR experience. Alongside acting as a counterweight the obvious benefit is enhanced battery life adding 2.5-5 hours worth of battery to the headset upgrading the overall headset battery life now to around 4.5 – 8 hours creating an almost unparalleled duration of Standalone VR immersion.

Pros and cons

Helps secure the Quest 2

Almost doubles Quest 2 Battery Life

High levels of comfort

Balances the Quest 2 Headset

Makes the Quest 2 bulkier

Product specifications

Compatible with: Meta Quest 2 Colour: Black
Battery power: 6400mAh Warranty: 18 month
Battery life: 2.5-5 hours

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Quest 2 Headstrap KIWI Design with battery

Can I charge the headset in combination with the battery strap?

Yes, it is possible to charge both at the same time.

Is the head strap more comfortable than the original Quest 2 head strap?

Yes, a lot better. The integrated battery at the back helps to balance the headset. The sturdy plastic side straps in combination with the large cushion near the backside offer superior comfort compared to the competition.

How much playtime does this head strap add?

Approximately 2.5-5 hours depending on the application. This has the possibility to double or even triple the battery life of the Quest 2. The integrated battery has a capacity of 6400mAh.

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