Branded Pico G2 4K Enterprise Sticker

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  • Suitable for Pico G2 4K Enterprise
  • Minimum 50 stickers

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Product information Branded Pico G2 4K Enterprise Sticker

The Branded Pico G2 4K Enterprise Sticker is a brandable sticker that can be placed on the front of the Pico G2 4K Enterprise headset. The branded stickers are ideal for use at events or for organisation-wide programmes where the devices will see use.

First, the G2 4K Enterprise stickers can be customised with any design that fits within the sticker template to either match your brand style or your VR experience.

Second, the stickers are made of a thin plastic material with a glossy finish making them more robust and better able to withstand repetitive use.

VR Expert can attach the stickers to the Pico G2 4K Enterprise ahead of delivery if the installation service is ordered in combination with the Pico devices.

The template for the sticker can be found here.

Please note a minimum of 50 stickers must be ordered.

Pros and cons

Fully brandable

Glossy finish

Robust material

Enhances brand image

Suited for Pico G2 4K Enterprise

Minimum 50 stickers needed

Product specifications

Material: PVC Dimensions: 168 x 86 mm
Imprint: Full colour Suitable for: Pico G2 4K Enterprise

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Can the stickers be removed and reused?

No, the stickers cannot be removed and reused. But the stickers are quite robust, ideal for repetitive use.

Are there also side stickers included?

No, there are only stickers suitable for the front of the headset.

Are the stickers reusable after removing them?

No, the stickers are not reusable after removing them.

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