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Eden Snacker SNK-01


Estimated delivery: 63 working days


Estimated delivery: 63 working days

Product Information Eden Snacker SNK-01

The Eden Snacker is a custom Skyworth S1 VR headset with a 4K 72Hz display designed for playing 360 content. It features wireless charging through a wireless docking station, alongside the customized Eden XR Platform. The Snacker is an ideal choice for any VR experience or simulation that involves multiple users or individuals with limited digital literacy, as it allows them to be onboarded easily and enjoy the immersive experience.

The Eden Snacker SNK-01 has the following advantages:

Easy to Use

First, the Eden Snacker is controlled by the Eden Station which provides a very simple & familiar interface thanks to its tablet design. The Eden Snacker features Eden’s unique patented grip, removing the need for a headstrap that can create potential confusion and discomfort. The grip allows users to hold the headset to their face comfortably, enabling content to automatically play thanks to a motion-sensing display. This eliminates the potential confusion for users who are unfamiliar with VR, making the Eden Snacker ideal for environments where users may not have much experience with VR and need quick, easy, and familiar onboarding. However, the headset does still come with straps that can be attached, making it usable for long content.

Eden 360 Video Launcher

Secondly, the Eden Snacker includes Eden’s 360 Video Launcher, a pre-installed platform that offers a wide library of VR content for various experiences, including educational, exploration and healthcare applications.

4K Display

Third, the Eden Snacker features a 4K, 3840 x 2160 Per Eye Pixel Display which can display content up to up to 72FPS. This allows the headset to show high-quality smooth visuals creating a more immersive & enjoyable VR experience.

Wireless Charging Smart Stand

Finally, the Eden Snacker features wireless charging inbuilt into the included docking station. This allows for easy display & storage of the Eden Snacker & the ability to charge in between uses. The Docking Station also includes a motherboard which controls the Headset’s connection to the Eden Station maximising the quality of Wireless Streaming.

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Pros and cons

Simple Interface

Eye Sensing Content Playback

Strapless Design

Includes Eden Grip

4K 72FPS Display

Wireless Charging Stand

Requires Eden Station to work

Requires Eden Experience Build to work

Not suited for Gaming

Product specifications

Built-in Display Display: LCD CPU: Samsung Exynos 8895
Controllers Refresh Rate: 72 Hz Memory: 256GB Internal Storage / 4GB RAM
Built-in Audio Platform: EdenXR Weight: 601 Grams
Standalone Resolution: 3840 x 2160 Per Eye Color: Black
6DoF Input: Wireless QI / USB-C Material: Plastic
Field of View: 105 Degrees Warranty: 1 Year
Comes With:
1x Eden Snacker Headset 1x Eden Wireless Docking Station 1x Eden VR EU, US & UK Power Plug 1x 5ft USB-C to USB-C Power Cable 1x 1.6ft USB-C to USB-C Linker Cable 1x Eden VR Grip 1x EdenVR Headset Headstrap

Product services

At VR Expert, we want you to enjoy your products carefree. We therefore offer various services to provide you with the best possible support.


When purchasing the installation service, we prepare your VR or AR headset ready by configuring the headset in advance and installing the desired application and / or 360 content.
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  • Installation of your content and applications
  • Get started immediately

Support desk

When purchasing the support desk, you can contact our experts directly for questions or problems (working days 9:00-17: 00 CET) so that you can get back to work as quickly as possible.
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Event support

With event support you receive on-site support from experts who support you in the AR or VR part of your event.
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  • Personal event manager
  • Support for your event


Eden Snacker SNK-01

How much storage space does the Eden Snacker SNK-01 have?

The Eden Snacker SNK-01 has 256GB of internal memory and 4GB of RAM.

Can you rent the Eden Snacker SNK-01?

Currently, it is not possible to rent the Eden Snacker SNK-01 from VR Expert. We may offer it at a later time.

Does the Eden Snacker SNK-01 use a headband?

No, users can easily hold the headset against their face to play content, thanks to the patented grip.

What is the field of view (FOV) of the Eden Snacker SNK-01?

The Eden Snacker SNK-01 has a field of view of 105°.

How many frames per second (FPS) does the Eden Snacker SNK-01 support?

The headset can play content at up to 72 FPS.

What is the screen resolution of the Eden Snacker SNK-01?

The Eden Snacker features a 4K screen with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels per eye.

How can I charge the Eden Snacker SNK-01?

The Eden Snacker can be wirelessly charged using the included docking station.

What operating system does the Eden Snacker SNK-01 run on?

The Eden Snacker SNK-01 is exclusively compatible with Eden Station and its associated Experience Build software. No other operating systems or software can be used on it.

Can I use the Eden Snacker SNK-01 for gaming?

No, the headset is not suitable for gaming. Eden Snacker SNK-01 is designed for businesses looking for easy access to immersive technology.

How do I use the Eden Snacker SNK-01?

To use the Eden Snacker SNK-01, the user places the headset in front of their eyes and comfortably holds it using the grip. Thanks to the motion-sensing display feature, the VR content starts playing automatically when the headset is activated. Users can navigate through content, make selections from the menu, and interact with virtual objects using the connected control tablet Eden Station.

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