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Product information Pico Neo 2 Eye

The Pico Neo 2 Eye is a standalone room scale VR headset (6DoF) that is almost identical to the Pico Neo 2. The only difference compared to the Pico Neo 2 is that the Pico Neo 2 Eye has integrated eye tracking. The integrated eye tracking ensures that the headset knows what your eyes are focused on during the VR experience. This makes the Pico Neo 2 Eye ideal for VR training, product demonstrations and onboarding where data collection is important. The integrated eye tracking has the following advantages:

The eye tracking offers new possibilities of interacting in virtual reality. By focusing your eyes on something, predefined actions can be initiated.

Data can be obtained about what the users have looked at during the experience. This allows important insights to be obtained about, for example, the effectiveness of a particular VR experience.

Furthermore, the Pico Neo 2 Eye is easy to clean (PU leather cover) and comfortable to wear. This makes the Pico Neo 2 Eye ideal for use with long-lasting VR experiences.

Finally, the Pico Neo 2 Eye operating system is based on Android. This makes it possible to configure many settings to your own wishes. Examples include adjusting the auto sleep and limiting the options for end users.

Additional Information Pico Neo 2 Eye

Buy Pico Neo 2 Eye

The price of the Neo 2 Eye can vary depending on the accessories you buy with it.

Rent Pico Neo 2 Eye

The Eye is not available for rent, but the Neo 2 can be rented from 70, – for 1 day.

Pico Neo 2 price Eye

The Pico Neo 2 Eye costs 649, – making it slightly more expensive than the Oculus Quest.

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Pros and cons

Eye tracking

Inside-out tracking system

4K display

Android operating system

Less content on the Pico store

Product specifications

Built-in display Display: LCD Display CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845
Controller Refresh Rate: 75HZ Memory: 128 GB
Built-in audio Platform: Pico Digital Platform Weight: 690 grams
Standalone Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (4k) Color: Black
6DoF Input: 3.5 MM Audio Jack Material: Plastic
Field of view: 101 degrees Warranty: 1 year
Comes with:
1x Pico Neo 2 Eye 2x Motion Controller 1x USB-C 3.0 Cable + Charging Block 2x USB-C 3.0 Cable 2x Lanyard + 1x Microfibre cloth VR Expert Quickstart Guide

Product accessories

Product services



We set up your VR and AR headsets for direct use, by preconfiguring the headsets and pre-installing your desired application and or 360° content.

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Support desk

Support desk

For questions and problems, you can always get in touch with our support desk, so we can get you back, up and running.

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Event support

Event support

Event support on location. Professional support for the AR and VR section of your event.

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Pico Neo 2 Eye

What are the best demos available for the Pico Neo 2 Eye?

If you want to demonstrate the eye tracking capabilities we have uploaded a couple of demos here.

Can you use the Pico Neo 2 Eye as a PC VR Set?

Yes this is possible through streaming assistant. With this software you can access the steam platform and play all available content. 

Can you stream (wireless) a video feed to a PC with the Pico Neo 2 Eye?

Yes this is possible through streaming assistant. You can either stream through a USB C cable or 5G wireless connection. The quality of the experience depends on the connection. 

What is the resolution of the Pico Neo 2 Eye?

The resolution of the Pico Neo 2 is 4K with a refresh rate of 75Hz. That’s a resolution of 1920 × 2160 per eye and almost double that of the Oculus Quest.

Does the tracking of the Pico Neo 2 Eye controllers work behind your back (Out of sight?)

Yes, this works because of the magnetic tracking of the controllers.

What is the difference between the Pico Neo 2 & Pico Neo 2 Eye?

They are exactly the same except that the Pico Neo 2 Eye has integrated Tobii eye tracking. Please see the FAQ for the Pico Neo 2 here.

Is the Pico Neo 2 suitable for outdoor use?

The headset can be used outside but we do not recommend this. Tracking does not work well on highly reflective surfaces. In addition, permanent damage can be caused if sunlight shines directly on the lenses.

Is the Pico Neo 2 Eye adjustable?

The adjustable rotary knob on the back makes the headset easy to adjust.

Is it possible to download applications?

It is possible to download applications on the Pico Neo 2 Eye, via the “Pico store”

What software / platform does the Pico Neo 2 Eye run on?

The Eye is supported by the pre-installed “Pico Digital Platform”.

Can I put my own developed applications on the headset ??

By using the supplied USB-C cable it is possible to put your own developed applications on the Pico Neo 2 Eye.

Do the controllers run on batteries?

No, the controllers operate on a battery that can be charged by the supplied cable.

Is the Pico Neo 2 Eye easy to transport?

Because the Pico Neo 2 Eye does not need external sensors, it is easy to transport and can be used in different places.

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