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Product information Pico Neo 3

The Pico Neo 3 is the next iteration of the successful Pico Neo 2 VR headset. The Pico Neo 3 is a standalone 6DOF VR-headset with a 4K display. It is ideally suited for interactive training, onboarding and simulations. The Neo 3 has the following advantages:

First, the Pico Neo 3 is capable of providing some of the most immersive experiences available in its class. The Neo 3 is able to do this thanks to its upgraded chipset, the Neo 3 is powered by the Snapdragon XR2 Platform. Compared to the Snapdragon 845 found in the Pico Neo 2, the XR2 platform supports 2x the performance capabilities. For reference, this is the same chipset found in the Oculus Quest 2.

Second, the Pico Neo 3 has a 4K display (3664×1920), giving it one of the highest resolutions in its category. The Neo 3 also has an improved refresh rate of 90Hz. The improved refresh rate with high resolution display gives the Neo 3 a superior viewing experience compared to other headsets.

Third, the Neo 3 VR headset works with inside out tracking thanks to four built in cameras, meaning that no external trackers or sensors are needed for room scale VR. This reduces the amount of hurdles and costs in the device set up and implementation.

Fourth, the Pico Neo 3 runs on an open Android operating system. This makes it possible to change certain properties specifically for enterprise use. Examples of these changes are things such as deactivating buttons or limiting user permissions (kiosk mode).

Fifth, the Neo 3 has also been built with hygiene in mind, the cover of the headset is made of PU leather, meaning it can be easily cleaned using alcohol wipes or other cleaning options such as the Uvisan cleaning cabinets without being damaged.

Finally, the Neo 3 now features a three level interpupillary physical distance adjustment setting. This makes it more suitable for different types of people to use without adding eye strain to the user.

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Pros and cons

4K display

Snapdragon XR2 platform

IPD Adjustment

Kiosk mode

Inside out tracking

Battery life of 2.5-3 hours

Product specifications

Built-in display Display: LCD Display CPU: Qualcomm XR2
Controllers Refresh Rate: 72-90HZ Memory: 256 GB
Built-in audio Platform: Pico Digital Platform Weight: 350 grams
Standalone Resolution: 3664×1920 (4K) Color: White
6DoF Input: 3.5 MM Audio Jack Material: Plastic
Field of view: 98 degrees Warranty: 1 year
Comes with:
1x Pico Neo 3 2x Pico touch controller 1x USB-C power adapter 1x USB-C to USB-C cable 1x Cleaning cloth, 2x Touch controller lanyards VR Expert Product Guide

Product accessories

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We set up your VR and AR headsets for direct use, by preconfiguring the headsets and pre-installing your desired application and or 360° content.

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Support desk

For questions and problems, you can always get in touch with our support desk, so we can get you back, up and running.

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Event support

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Pico Neo 3

What type of CPU does the Pico Neo 3 have?

The Pico Neo 3 has a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor, which is also used in the Oculus Quest 2 and the HTC Vive Focus 3. This is an improvement compared to its predecessor, which had a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. A good processor ensures that the headset and application will run smoothly without long loading times (the CPU is not the only factor determining loading times). 

Which languages does the Pico Neo 3 support?

The Pico Neo 3 supports 10 different operating languages. The supported languages are:

  • English 
  • Japanese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • German
  • European Spanish
  • Portuguese 
  • Korean
  • Italian 
  • French
What is the FOV (Field of View) of the Pico Neo 3?

The FOV of the Pico Neo 3 is 98°. The Oculus Quest 2 headset has a FOV of about 89°. 

The overall importance of the field of view is up there with the importance of the refresh rate of a VR headset. The larger the field of view is for a VR headset, the more immersive the experience will be.

What type of display does the Pico Neo 3 have?

The Pico Neo 3 has a 4K display with 3664 by 1920 px. The headset has an LCD display with a PPI (pixel per inch) of 818 px. Furthermore, the refresh rate of the Pico Neo 3 display is 90Hz. Its predecessor had a refresh rate of 72Hz, meaning that the Pico Neo 3 has a more immersive experience than the Neo 2. 

What is the refresh rate of the Pico Neo 3?

The Pico Neo 3 has a 90Hz refresh rate display, which is the same as the refresh rate of the Oculus Quest 2, while the Pico Neo 2 had a refresh rate of 72Hz. A higher refresh rate equals a smoother-looking image and less motion blur making the experience more immersive.

What is the resolution of the Pico Neo 3 display?

The Pico Neo 3 has a resolution of 3664 x 1920 pixels. This means that the VR headset provides a 4K viewing experience. In comparison, the Oculus Quest 2 also has a resolution of 1832 x 1920 per eye, which means that the displays have the same resolution.

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