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Snow Owl

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  • 1 year warranty

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Product information

The Snow Owl is a durable VR headset that is suited for use at trade shows and events.

The Snow Owl is a durable VR headset that can easily be used to play 360° content. The Snow Owl is compatible with most smartphones and has a fully adjustable pupil system. The outside is made of a glossy plastic and gives the headset a premium look and feel. The Snow Owl is a useful VR headset for 360° content.

The Snow Owl is not compatible with normal glasses. A disadvantage of Smartphone VR glasses is that the quality is connected to the smartphone. A reason to use the Snow Owl over the Cardboard Owl is it extra durability.

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Pros and cons


Long ife

Premium feel

Adjustable pupillary distance


Limited to resolution of smartphone

Product specifications

Smartphone protection Material ABS Plastic Pupil distance 60-66 mm
Interaction with smartphone Lenses PMM Optische resin lens 42 mm Operating system Android en IOS
Print White FOV 110 degrees
Focal length 50 mm Weight 240 grams
Warranty 1 year

Comes with:
1x Snow Owl 1x Microfibre cloth VR Expert Product Guide

Product accessories

Product services



We set up your VR and AR headsets for direct use, by preconfiguring the headsets and pre-installing your desired application and or 360° content.

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Support desk

For questions and problems, you can always get in touch with our support desk, so we can get you back, up and running.

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Event support

Event support

Event support on location. Professional support for the AR and VR section of your event.

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Snow Owl

What is the difference between the Snow Owl and the Gray owl?

The Snow Owl is a smartphone holder made of hard plastic, the Gray Owl is made of a different, soft material. This makes cleaning the Snow Owl a little easier, which can certainly be an advantage for frequent use. The device remains visible, which makes inserting and removing easy, the whole looks a bit less finished.

What are the benefits of the Snow Owl?

The Snow Owl is a fully assembled VR goggle that is affordable because it doesn’t have a full computer system built in. By inserting a modern smartphone, every phone is transformed into VR glasses in the blink of an eye. The open design lends itself to a large number of smartphone sizes for optimal usability.

What is the best use for the Snow Owl?

The Snow Owl is best suited for events involving multiple smartphones. Because almost every modern smartphone fits in this device, in addition to devices from the owner, devices from visitors and / or customers can also be used. The appliance is easy to remove after use, which guarantees a fast turnaround time.

In what colors is the Snow Owl available?

The Snow Owl is only available in white.

Do you need a controller for the Snow Owl?

No, you don’t need a controller for the Snow Owl.

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