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Leap motion controller 2 XR bundle


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Product Description: Leap Motion Controller 2 XR Bundle

Leap Motion Controller 2 XR Bundle is a comprehensive package that offers a complete hand tracking solution. This bundle includes the following components:

  1. Leap Motion Controller 2: The cornerstone of the XR Bundle, the Leap Motion Controller 2 brings advanced hand tracking capabilities to a range of devices, including Pico, HTC, Varjo Headsets, Laptops and Computers. This device revolutionizes the way you interact with virtual environments by eliminating the need for traditional controllers.
  2. Universal Headset Mount: Accompanying the Leap Motion Controller 2 is a versatile headset mount that ensures seamless integration with various XR headsets. This mount securely attaches the controller to your headset, enabling a hassle-free hand tracking experience.
  3. Gemini Hand Tracking Software: Unlock the full potential of the Leap Motion 2 Controller with Ultraleap’s Gemini Hand Tracking Software license. This software enhances the accuracy and responsiveness of hand tracking, elevating your XR experiences to new heights.
  4. Commercial License: The XR Bundle comes complete with a commercial license, giving you the freedom to utilize the Leap Motion Controller 2 and its associated components for professional and business applications.

Advantages of the Leap Motion Controller 2 XR Bundle:

Expanding Possibilities for XR Headsets

The Leap Motion Controller 2 redefines XR headset interactions. It is compatible with leading headsets like Pico Neo 3, HTC VIVE Focus 3, or Varjo Aero, Pico 4 as well as laptops and computers. Hand tracking enhances the potential use cases of your hardware. By eliminating the need for physical controllers, it immerses users in a more natural and intuitive XR experience. This is especially valuable for newcomers to VR, lowering the entry barrier and enhancing the onboarding process.

Precision Hand Tracking

With a wide field of view (160 degrees) and a 3D Interactive Zone spanning 10cm to 110cm, the Leap Motion Controller 2 achieves accurate hand recognition across a generous area. Its ability to identify 27 distinct hand elements, including bones and joints, facilitates a level of tracking precision that enriches your engagement with 3D environments. Operating at 120Hz, the controller surpasses human visual perception, making it an exceptional choice for activities demanding high accuracy.

Efficient Design Innovations

The Leap Motion Controller 2 incorporates upgraded cameras and infrared tracking illumination, heightening tracking accuracy while optimizing hardware demands. Compared to its predecessor, this controller consumes 25% less power, extending battery life for longer sessions. Moreover, its streamlined design, 30% smaller than the original Leap Motion Controller, minimizes any discomfort from added weight, enhancing your comfort during extended VR use.

Seamless XR Integration

The XR Bundle includes everything you need to effortlessly integrate the Leap Motion Controller 2 into your compatible headset. The inclusion of Ultraleap’s Gemini Hand Tracking Software and the XR Mount ensures optimal performance and user-friendly installation.

In summary, the Leap Motion Controller 2 XR Bundle transcends conventional controllers, offering a holistic solution that includes the Leap Motion 2 Controller, Universal Headset Mount, Gemini Hand Tracking Software, and a Commercial License. Elevate your XR experiences with enhanced hand tracking capabilities, unmatched accuracy, and streamlined integration.

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Pros and cons

Enables and Enhances Hand Tracking

Large Hand Tracking Range

Incredibly Accurate Tracking

Compatible with Unity and Unreal Engines

Includes Software License and XR Mount

Consumes Headset Battery

Can be difficult to Set Up

Product specifications

Suitable For: Pico / HTC / Varjo Headsets Field of View: 160 Degrees
Compatible Operating Systems: Windows / macOS / Qualcomm XR2 Tracking Range: 10cm – 110cm
Brand: Ultraleap Weight: 29 Grams
Material: Aluminum / Glass Dimensions: 84mm x 20mm x 12mm
Output Frequency: 115 Hz Color: Black
Input: USB-C Warranty: 1 Year

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Leap Motion Controller 2 XR bundle

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