Vuzix announces partnership with Techsee

Smartglass manufacturer Vuzix is ​​partnering with Techsee to provide ‘intelligent visual assistance’ for remote assistance. By using artificial intelligence (AI), Techsee’s software can automatically detect problems and provide visual assistance with, for example, repair and maintenance.

Remote expertise automation

The Vuzix headsets M400 and M4000 are often used for remote expertise. A technician in the field can call in the assistance of an expert who is located somewhere else. The team communicates via video and audio connection to, for example, solve problems with equipment, carry out inspections or maintenance. The use of AI makes it possible that both the device and the problem are automatically recognized. This allows the team to work faster and solve problems more effectively.

Read more about MS Teams support for the Vuzix headsets here.

Self-service Vuzix

Vuzix plans to use AI technology as a so-called ‘self-service’ solution for the M400 and M4000 smartglasses. This means that mechanics can work independently without calling in an expert. The Techsee software recognizes the device, the defect and then provides visual instructions through a step-by-step plan. According to the press release, the software has an accuracy of 98% in recognizing devices and parts.

Faster and more efficient

The integration of the AI ​​software in the Vuzix line ensures that technicians can carry out repairs themselves faster, but can also be used for training. In practice, this means that less specialist knowledge is required in the field, which contributes to a faster response time and lower costs.

Release Techsee Vuzix

The message does not mention the release date of the new Techsee software in the Vuzix line. Although the expectations of so-called computer visions (computers that recognize objects) are high, this still appears to be a challenge in practice, and few products on the market already use this technology. However, developments in the field of AI are going very fast, so that the proposed ‘self-service’ through AR can quickly become a reality.

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