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Wideum software package

996,- excl. VAT

Per license per year See Pricing

  • Remote assistance and support solution
  • Step by step workflow solution
  • Reasons to buy from VR Expert
  • Get 2,5% off your order when buying hardware & software
996,- excl. VAT

What is the Wideum software package?

The Wideum Software Package is a software suite made up of the Remote Eye, Process Eye and Twin Eye software developed by Wideum itself. The software package allows organizations to execute processes and operations with remote assistance, through information sharing between frontline workers and support departments. This can be done in real time through remote assistance, or either prepared in the form of workflows and maintenance actions. The added advantage of purchasing the package is that only one account is required to do all of this, compared to the 3 accounts you would normally need.

Software features

Get immediate live video remote assistance

Remote Eye is a remote assistance solution that works on smart glasses, smartphones and PC’s. The software allows information to be shared between on-site operators and remote experts through live video. The solution has additional features such as live annotations, this allows for help to be provided in a much more visual method instead of simply trying to direct the frontline worker with your voice. File sharing and text messaging, through these options maintenance plans, troubleshooting documents and images can be sent through to evaluate possible solutions. Unique to Remote Eye is the ease with which other people can be added to calls, allowing additional flexibility when experts need to be called in for extra expertise.

The step-by-step workflow for quality assurance

Process Eye is a highly intuitive workflow solution that requires no coding experience and is completely customisable to any process you may have in your organization, allowing it to easily integrate into your processes. Using Process Eye you can very easily digitize and improve the quality of your inspection and maintenance processes.  Using the workflow builder each step can now require specific proof and actions in the form of video capture or a screenshot with a comparison to the correct solution. These are automatically added to a PDF report when complete, allowing for better reporting and analysis of maintenance.

Glass to glass remote support to optimize productivity

Twin Eye is a video remote support software that differs from Remote Eye in the fact that it is specifically designed for use between 2 smart glass users, allowing them to communicate handsfree to solve issues they may both be experiencing or wishing to solve. Unique to Twin Eye is that glass to glass calling can occur between different types of smart glasses without issues. Furthermore, users can be better trained, by watching another expert do the exact process in front of them instead of trying to be directed by a remote operator.

Everything at one place

Hardware, software and service

Reasons to buy from VR Expert

Compatible products

Wideum software provides 3 different smart glass solutions built to improve processes, remote work and more. Wideum software works with the Vuzix M400, Vuzix M4000, Vuzix Blade Upgraded, RealWear HMT-1, RealWear HMT-1Z1, RealWear Navigator 500, Google Glass Enterprise 2, smartphone and tablet. If you purchase the Wideum software in combination with a headset you get a 2,5% discount on your order!

Choose a plan for your organization

We give you the option to decide how much you need to use.

/per year

1 year

  • 1x Suite account
  • 1x Remote Eye account
  • 1x Process Eye account
  • 2x Twin Eye account
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • Compatible with a wide range of Smart Glasses
  • Android and iOS Mobile phone compatible​


Wideum package

  • Which devices are compatible with Wideum software? arrow-forward

    Wideum software packages can be used with most smart glasses and smartphones. The software can be used on:

    • RealWear HMT-1 & Z1
    • RealWear Navigator 500
    • Iristick
    • Vuzix M400
    • Vuzix M4000
    • Vuzix Blade Upgraded
    • Epson BT-300
    • Epson BT-35 0
    • Epson BT-45C
    • Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2
    • Optinvent ORA 1
    • MAD Gaze X5
    • MAD Gaze Vader
  • What software solutions are included in the Wideum package? arrow-forward

    The Wideum software package is the complete package of the software that Wideum offers. This includes Remote Eye, Process Eye and Twin Eye.

    Remote Eye

    Remote Eye is a software solution built to provide remote assistance. The software is made for Computer, smartphone and smart glasses like the RealWear Navigator 500 and Vuzix M400.

    Process Eye

    Process Eye is a software solution to create and use workflows. The workflows can be easily created on a computer through an intuitive drag and drop interface for which no coding experience is required. These workflows can be uploaded to smart glasses to be executed and turned into a pdf report once finished.

    Twin Eye

    Twin Eye is a solution that allows glass-to-glass communication. This means multiple smart glasses can call each other while also talking to a remote expert on their pc.It is also possible to join the call with a mobile phone with Twin Eye.

  • What languages are available on Wideum software packages? arrow-forward

    Wideum software packages are available in a wide range of languages. All The languages that are supported are:

    • English
    • German
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Italian
    • Chinese
    • Japanese
    • Korean
  • What is Wideum Twin Eye? arrow-forward

    Twin Eye is a software solution allowing users to connect and call between different smart glasses, computers and mobile devices. Unique about this software is the feature to call with your mobile phone to and from a smart glass. The software can be used for remote support, asking questions and emergency repairs.

  • What is Wideum Remote Eye? arrow-forward

    Remote Eye is one of the software solutions included with the Wideum software package. Remote Eye allows you to offer remote assistance with the help of smart glasses like a RealWear Navigator 500 or Vuzix M400. It is possible to join with multiple remote experts into the same session and point out important things with a red dot or drawing on the smart glass user’s screen.


    If a smart glass is not on location it is also possible to use Remote Eye on a smartphone or tablet.

  • What is Wideum Process Eye? arrow-forward

    Process Eye is a step-by-step workflow creator and control software program developed for smart glasses. The software let’s you create and share your workflows through an expansive editor with makes use of an easy drag-and-drop system for which no coding is required.


    After creating the workflow you can send it to a connected smart glass on which the work can be done and checked off by the user. After completing all tasks and activities in the workflow a pdf report can be made and shared with the person responsible.

  • Is the data transfer between smart glass and the servers secure? arrow-forward

    The data transfer between your smart device and the Wideum servers are very secure. All transfers are encrypted using Transport Layer Security(TLS) encryption. Sensible data and metadata are uploaded with AES 256 bit encryption.

  • Is it possible to store our data on our own servers? arrow-forward

    Yes, with all Wideum software you can either store your data securely on the Wideum servers or you can choose to keep all your data on-premise.

  • Is an internet connection required to use the Wideum Software solutions? arrow-forward

    An active internet connection is required at all times to use Twin and Remote Eye. An internet connection is only required for Process Eye when sharing the workflows to the headset and to share the reports from the headset to the dashboard.

  • In which industries would Wideum provide the most value? arrow-forward

    The Wideum software will provide a lot of value for any company working with remote workers, quality assurance on processes and machine building. In general these industries can be seen as the ones able to get the most value:

    • Equipment manufacturers
    • Automotive
    • Mining, oil & gas
    • Field services
    • Audit & Inspection
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