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Magic Leap 2




Installation Service AR device When purchasing the installation service, we prepare your AR headset by configuring the glasses in advance and installing the desired application and/or softwares.

Support Service 1 Year AR Device When purchasing the support desk, you can contact our experts directly for questions or problems (working days 9: 00-17: 00) so that you can get back to work as soon as possible.

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Product information Magic Leap 2

TheMagic Leap 2 is the replacement for Magic Leap 1. The Magic Leap 2 is a powerful binocular AR headset that can project 3D objects onto the user’s view of the physical world in real time. The headset is purpose-built for a variety of use cases such as design projects, training and 3D visualisations.

The Magic Leap 2 has the following advantages:

Display & visuals

First, the Magic Leap 2 has much improved spatial mapping capabilities. Spatial mapping allows virtual objects or holograms to interact with the physical reality around us. The Magic Leap 2 has sensors continually scanning and processing the environment around you which allows for the 3D objects and information to be projected and interacted with as if they were part of your environment. The augmented reality capabilities make it ideal for simulations, doing 3D visualisations and design projects.

Second, Magic Leap 2 is one of the most powerful augmented reality headsets on the market. The Magic Leap 2 is equipped with 16GB of RAM and a quad corde AMD Processor, which means the device can run extremely demanding applications. The processing power is useful for using and running complex simulations in high quality without issues, unlike its competitors.

Third, the Magic Leap 2 has a 70-degree field of view, this is nearly double that of the Magic Leap 1. The larger field of view allows for more realistic interactions and visualisations to take place between the digital and physical worlds. This is because with a wider field of view larger digital objects can stay within view, or not be half cut off when you turn your head giving a better and more natural experience. This enables almost any 3D model to be fitted into view removing the issues of the previous headset having to look up and down to view larger models.

Handling the headset

Fourth, the Smart glass has been built with multiple input options. The headset can be controlled using a controller, hand tracking, eye tracking, voice command and optionally with other Bluetooth devices. Not only can all of these methods be used but they can also be used at the same time. Furthermore, the standard controller is much improved from the previous Magic Leap using optical tracking and infrared sensors to improve precision.

Fifth, the Magic Leap 2 is extremely lightweight with the Goggles weighing a mere 260 grams. This is thanks to Magic Leap moving all the processing power and battery into a separate external device connected by a cable to the device. The external device known as a light pack can be put in a bag or connected to your belt via a clip system. The use of the external processing unit and the battery is what allows the Magic Leap be more lightweight but still more powerful than its competitors.

Finally, Magic Leap 2 has a ‘global dimming’ capability assisted by segmented dimming. This enables users to dim either entire surroundings or specific areas of the environment creating a more focused immersive space. The dimming also works automatically with sunlight to ensure digital objects remain visible. These can be used in a wide range of use cases ranging from global dimming to increase productivity by minimizing distractions to segmented dimming to simulate smoke visibility in fire training as used by Avrio.

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Pros and cons

Spatial mapping

Can handle demanding applications

70° FOV creating a more immersive experience

Lightweight and comfortable

Easily customisable Android Open Source Project Operating System

Multiple input options

Industry-leading adaptive dimming

Lightpack must always be carried

No memory card slots

Product specifications

Built-in Display AR View: Binocular Connectivity: WiFi / Bluetooth
Built-in Audio Platform: Magic Leap OS / Open Android System Controls: Voice Commands / Eye Tracking / Hand Tracking / Controller
Built-in Microphone Camera: 12.6MP / 4K 30FPS Video Weight: 260 Grams
Stand Alone Input: USB-C Battery Life: 3.5 Hours
Field of View: 70 Degrees Compliances: CE
CPU: AMD Quad-core Zen2 x86 Warranty: 1 Year
Memory: 256GB Internal Storage / 16GB RAM
Comes With:
1x Magic Leap 2 Headset 1x Magic Leap Controller 1x USB-C Power Adapter 1x Controller Charger 1x USB-C Power Cable 2x USB-C to USB-C Cable 1x Shoulder Strap 1x Cleaning Cloth 1x Wrist Lanyard VR Expert Quickstart Guide

Product accessories

Product services

At VR Expert, we want you to enjoy your products carefree. We therefore offer various services to provide you with the best possible support.


When purchasing the installation service, we prepare your VR or AR headset ready by configuring the headset in advance and installing the desired application and / or 360 content.
  • Configuration of your hardware
  • Installation of your content and applications
  • Get started immediately

Support desk

When purchasing the support desk, you can contact our experts directly for questions or problems (working days 9:00-17: 00 CET) so that you can get back to work as quickly as possible.
  • Years of experience
  • Whitelabel support desk
  • Available on all work days between 9:00-17:00 CET

Event support

With event support you receive on-site support from experts who support you in the AR or VR part of your event.
  • Build up and installation on location
  • Personal event manager
  • Support for your event


magic leap 2

  • What is the difference between the multiple Magic Leap 2 versions?

    At VR Expert we offer 3 versions of the Magic Leap 2; the base model, the Magic Leap 2 Enterprise edition and the Developer pro edition.

    Magic Leap 2 Enterprise edition

    The Enterprise edition has the same features as the Base model with 1 difference; instead of a 1 year warranty period the Enterprise edition has 2 years of warranty which allows you to get 2 years of free repairs or replacement when your units become defective.

    Magic Leap 2 Developer Pro Edition

    The Developer pro version of the Magic Leap offers the same functionalities of the base model but with included support for developers. This version allows developers to pre-release and test their software and port any application from the Magic Leap 1 or Hololens onto the Magic Leap 2. It also allows users to access the Magic Leap’s developer portal with extra tools, samples and beta updates.

  • How to determine which size of the Magic Leap 2 is best for me?

    To determine which size of the Magic Leap 2 is the best for you, you need to know your IPD. IPD (Interpupillary Distance) is the difference between your pupils measured in millimeters. When your IPD is less than 65mm, we recommend size 1. If your IPD is equal or higher than 65mm, we recommend size 2. 

    There are 3 ways to measure your IPD:

  • What is the battery of the Magic leap 2?

    The Magic Leap 2’s battery lasts for approximately 3.5 hours during continuous use. It lasts around 7 hours in sleep mode.

  • What is the memory of the Magic Leap 2?

    The Magic Leap 2 has 16GB of RAM memory and internal storage of 256GB. Both of these values are double the amount as the Magic Leap 1 having 8GB RAM and 128GB storage.

  • What type of AR view does the Magic Leap 2 have?

    The Magic Leap 2 has a binocular AR view, this means that you can look through the headset with both eyes. It has a resolution of 1440 x 1760px resolution with a brightness of 20 to 2000 nits.

  • What is the resolution of the Magic Leap 2 display?

    The resolution of the Magic Leap 1 is 1536×1856 pixels per eye. In comparison, the Hololens 2 has a resolution of 2048 x 1080 pixels per eye. AR headsets with a higher resolution provide more realistic AR experiences.

  • What is the weight of the Magic Leap 2?

    The Magic Leap 1 weighs 260 grams. This is 306 grams lighter than the Hololens 2. The Magic Leap 2 is operated using the processing power of the Light Pack. The Light Pack weighs 425 grams and is connected to the headset via cable and can be attached to the trouser pocket, for example.

  • What is the Field of View (FoV) of the Magic Leap 2?

    The field of view (FoV) of the magic leap 2 is 70 degrees. This is 20 degrees more compared to the Magic Leap 1. At 70 degrees the Magic Leap 2 feels a lot more immersive with more objects and actions possible on the screen.

  • What is the refresh rate of the Magic Leap 2?

    The refresh rate of the Magic Leap 2 display is 120 Hz, this is the same refresh rate as the Magic Leap 1.

  • Do you offer trials for the Magic Leap 2?

    Yes, you can request a free 3 day trial for the Magic Leap 2 through the following link:

  • How do you control the Magic Leap 2?

    You can control the headset either with your voice, eye tracking, hand tracking or with the magic leap 2 controller.